Women@Work Leadership Retreat

Creating conscious female leaders

women@work is designed to support the conscious development of unique personal and professional capabilities female leaders bring to the workplace. This applies at any and every stage in your journey.

During the 4 days we will work with you 1:1 and as a group to really get to know and develop true ownership of your personal brand of leadership. We will develop insight into how that can be harnessed (with practical action) to bring the energy, inspiration and action you need to achieve your goals, develop yourself and others in your organisation – regardless of sector, role or age.

We frame this alongside the day to day demands of your particular position and everyday life as a women@work.

This event is for you if:

You are a female leader looking to develop yourself and inspire others to be the best version of themselves.

You’re part of, or are responsible for the ‘womens agenda’ in your organisation, and are looking to expand your thinking, toolkit and network to develop yourself or deliver with impact in that role.

You are at a stage in your personal or professional journey where you are facing challenges, constraints or barriers to the progress you would like to make, and want practical support in extracting the opportunities and making them happen.

You want to explore your leadership capabilities and would benefit from support and inspiration in a significant career transition moment.

You know you have more potential, and the capability to progress but have hit a ‘glass ceiling’ and feel the need to improve your leadership skills to make the right impact, develop skills and strategies to break through.

You are feeling the fear, are a bit stuck in the moment and want to kick those self defeating, limiting beliefs into touch.


Engaging with you personally before the summit you will have a personal coaching session prior to the summit where we can explore your needs – where you are, where you would like to get to and what you would like to achieve most from the 4 days @foxhouse

Developing personal awareness through psychometric analysis using LuminaSpark, we will work with you to gain a personal and communal insight into your personality, capabilities and skills. Awareness of your core capabilities allows us to really own our talents and identify areas for development or delegation.

Understanding personal leadership style using Lumina Leader: drawing on feedback collected prior to the summit and using Lumina leader psychometric, we will explore your authentic leadership style, how to consciously explore and direct your impact and your areas for development.

Identifying and building your personal brand of leadership, drawing focus to your unique talents, your authentic self, what you stand for, your purpose, how you act and the impact you strive to make. Developing your capability to really believe in yourself, to connect to your purpose and align to your values and see where you inspire others by being unapologetically yourself as a leader.

Working with awareness and style and your brand to reflect and work on how to realise the intention you came with – how does that refresh or reframe your vision, needs or goals.

Building self-confidence, esteem and tackling the ‘imposter syndrome’ – naming and facing-up to limiting beliefs and the real constraints in your world. Build new mantras and strategies to help you operate with conscious confidence, courage and clarity or purpose. Know your values and own your value.

Understanding influence and stakeholder engagement Map your stakeholders and develop insight into methods for influencing, gaining support and tackling any demons!

The place of inspiration, where energy flows – what inspires you, how do you inspire others, how do you feel when you’re inspired Listen to and debate the stories of inspirational women, either in person or via the link in our cinema cave, plus have opportunity to spend time with them on direct questions and answers. Build confidence to tell YOUR story – reflect on how you inspire yourself, and how you inspire others just by being you.

Actionable planning Throughout the summit you’ll build and adapt your personal action plan, allowing you to go home with a clear vision and realistic plan to work with whatever your focus or goal may be.

Stay focussed and accountable – following the event we will provide two follow up personal coaching sessions to review your progress, plan and work with you on supporting your journey.

Constructive conversation Challenge your thinking, your beliefs and your reality through getting involved in debate and creative thinking.

Build long lasting relationships with women from different industries, professions and geographies!


We are connected with inspirational all over the globe. Each day, listen in to their stories and engage them in question and answers, either via video/skype or face-face.


Through years of working with professionals, we have helped 1000’s develop their self-awareness, skills and confidence and be propelled forward in their careers.

Taking time to step out of daily life, zoom out and get perspective on where we are – the chapter of our career we are in alongside our daily life allows honest reflection on what is working and what is not – and where the true work lies. We bring focus. Support. Development. Conscious action.

As female leaders the complexity of our many faceted roles can often present challenging moments. Sharing space, experiences, inspiration and creativity we help to develop lasting change and personal development which can not only help you achieve your goals but enable you to be a true inspiration to others needing a helping hand to overcome professional or personal challenges faced by many women at work.


We run events that generate forward thinking, creativity around big issues, generate ideas & motivate you to act with impact for a better and more conscious future.

In order to maximise focus and get the best outcomes we are committed to connecting positive people in unique places.  Beautiful spaces where we can disconnect and bring the energy needed to promote openness and growth.

We are passionate about building strong networks of like minded people, linked by common values and integrity of purpose and action.  We also care about sharing the privilege of growth, and the importance of making development activity accessible.

For each event we aim for 10% of the delegate spaces to be bursary funded to ensure, in our own way, we pay it forward.  Please ask us for more details on how you can support in this, or anyone you know who would benefit from this.


To discuss the summit and how it could help you or your organisation, get in via penny@thinkforwardconsulting.co.uk