Refresh & Revitalize your CV  PLUS  set your Job Search Strategy in this 2.5 hour Workshop

Getting ready to start looking for a new role?

Having no luck with your current job search strategy?

Not feeling confident about the quality of your CV?

Then this interactive and personalised workshop is just what you need!

Book now for the 1st July 2021 @ 6pm – 8.30pm!

Is this you?

Do you not really understand what job or career is right for you but keep making applications anyway?

Are you spending hours of time on online jobs boards without any success?

Do you feel alone and desperate in your job search?

Have you run out of ideas on what to do next?

Is your confidence starting to drop?

….Then you’ve come to the right place!

How this Workshop will bring success to your job search strategy:

We all know how to look for a job right? Get a CV, send it to agencies, make applications then wait for the interviews. Unfortunately it’s not that easy anymore. With so many people on the job market, you need a strategy that is going to make you stand out from the crowd – and you also need a top notch CV and Linked in profile!

This 2.5 hour workshop puts you in control of your job search and helps you get a job that you actually want! So what do we help you achieve….

Gaining understanding of YOU : Before you can start looking for a job that is right for you and your future, it is absolutely vital you have a good understanding of yourself. Understanding your strengths, top 10 skills, interests, values and life vision are crucial in tailoring your job search strategy – so you actually get in the running for a job you want!

Developing Your CV –Once you know yourself better, have identified the types of roles you want and the types of industry/employers you want to work for, you can create a CV that highlights your achievements and demonstrates your impact.

Creating your Job Search Strategy. Your job search strategy should NEVER be one dimensional. By this I mean, you shouldn’t solely rely on online jobs boards. Taking a multi-faceted approach to your job search is vital for success. With over 70% of vacancies being filled through networking, you can’t afford to turn your back on this important activity.  I’ll help you to understand how to use your network, plus give you tools and proformas to create manageable yet successful plan of action.

What’s Included….

You’ll gain complimentary access to the online coaching programme which consists of 6 videos, workbooks plus multiple activities for you to complete. To gain the most from the workshop, it will be important to complete many of the exercises prior to the workshop, and on completion too. I’ll make sure you know what to complete and when!

I’ll provide you with my CV builder proforma that will help you map out the fantastic skills and achievements you can use to showcase your ability in your CV and Linked in profile

The 2.5 hour workshop will include information, guidance and examples to help you create your CV and job search strategy – included are example cover letters which I know clients often struggle with. I will also give a demonstration on how to use Linked in for job seeking

On completion of the workshop, I will provide personal feedback on your CV and Linked in profile with guidance on how to improve it.

Special Offer £99

This workshop includes:

  • 2.5 hour virtual workshop with limited numbers
  • Feedback and guidance on your CV
  • 2.5 hours of video
  • 6 Workbooks
  • Variety of activities and proformas to help you with your self analysis and job search strategy
  • Instant access to all content
  • 6 month access to online programme

Access via Desktop, Mobile & Tablet

Mark Smith, Sales, Construction

“After being furloughed and then made redundant, my confidence had been knocked, so the coaching came at the right time, you reminded me about all the things I’d achieved! From the start you got me thinking differently to how I should approach searching for my next role, I targeted companies that I spent time researching, and picked businesses I believed I would be able to add real value to. It was a more structured approach to what I would have probably taken. You help in re-writing my CV was a massive help, it helped me in my job search and was a big part in me securing my new role, Thank you!”

Howard Shaw, Electronic Engineer

Penny’s training videos and workshops were clear and concise and followed by one-to-one advice on CV content and layout, interview techniques and preparation. After feeling very “down”, her friendly yet honest help has built my confidence so that I have a much better CV, better application writing skills and I’m much more positive and confident in interviews. The proof is that my first job application under her guidance has been successful, and I’ll be starting my new dream job soon. See less.”

Delivery: virtually via zoom.

Price – Special Offer £99

Dates – July 1st 2021

Times – 6pm – 8.30 pm

For a limited time, only until 1st July 2021, the full training programme is available for just £99 including VAT.

Claire Beasley, Project Management
“Penny is a highly personable and professional coach. Her positive outlook and unwavering support, coupled with her deep understanding of the challenges that often go hand in hand with personal development, make her very easy to work with. She adopts a wide range of approaches to develop a clear view of core values, motivations and personal goals which she then uses to formulate structured and realistic action plans to support achievement of those goals. I would happily work with Penny again and have no hesitation in recommending her.”