How long have you tolerated being unhappy or unfulfilled in your job or career?

Just think, if you had the tools and confidence to make a change, what would your life look like and how would you feel? Waking up every day, looking forward to the challenges ahead, inspired to get moving, energised by the impact you make. Just imagine how incredible that would be.

Take control of your career, your life, your aspirations.

But just imagine if you don’t take control. You stay put, in the same role in the same company with no real goals to motivate you. What will your life look like 1 year from now, 5 or maybe 10 years from now? will you be able to look back and feel satisfied with all you have achieved?

If the answer is no, then you’re come to the right place! it might feel scary admitting you need to do something about your situation. But the risk of not doing something should be frighten you more!



I’ve started the Career Revolution to help you break down the process of career development into logical and manageable steps.

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Take control and start imagining your future

The secret ingredients to career change includes building self-awareness, boosting confidence and learning the skills and strategies needed to make transformation an awesome success!

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“After being furloughed and then made redundant, my confidence had been knocked, so the coaching came at the right time, you reminded me about all the things I’d achieved! From the start you got me thinking differently to how I should approach searching for my next role, I targeted companies that I spent time researching, and picked businesses I believed I would be able to add real value to. It was a more structured approach to what I would have probably taken. You help in re-writing my CV was a massive help, it helped me in my job search and was a big part in me securing my new role, Thank you!”
Mark Smith, Sales, Construction

“Penny’s training videos and workshops were clear and concise and followed by one-to-one advice on CV content and layout, interview techniques and preparation. After feeling very “down”, her friendly yet honest help has built my confidence so that I have a much better CV, better application writing skills and I’m much more positive and confident in interviews. The proof is that my first job application under her guidance has been successful, and I’ll be starting my new dream job soon.”
Howard Shaw, Electronic Engineer


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