Digital Development – Blended Learning 

With more people working remotely and the continuing social distancing restrictions, it can be challenging to find an in-person development experience to support professional growth.

A central value to us at Think Forward is innovation and that is why, in response to changing ways of working, we’ve enhanced our services to provide a digital development experience that can be accessed anywhere, 24/7.

Combining e-learning with the option of digital one-one coaching and development, we have built a platform that can support individual and business growth to suit any budget.


Every team is different and have different nuances and needs. We follow the following steps to create a relevant, effective and personalised programme:


We have built a learning platform that includes modules covering leadership, coaching, team building, organisational skills and career transition. Combining cutting edge e-learning training with bespoke training modules designed and delivered by Think Forward Consulting we bring a comprehensive learning suit to provide theory and background to the most business critical skills.

Curated Learning:

In response to your business’s learning needs, we curate a training programme for each of your employees. This may include e-learning, Think Forward Training and a variety of videos and reading to bolster learning. We also include assignments and activities to ensure learners are putting their learning into practice, able to reflect and make change happen.


We can provide detailed reports on participation and performance, plus provide advice on further support for each individual. The ability to analyse and assess performance enables businesses to greater map their return on investment and inform their talent development strategy more effectively.


We use the Lumina psychometric suit to support the development process – at both an individual and team level. Psychometric tests can be purchased to support development and coupled with the cutting edge “Lumina Coach” – a digital self-coaching tool. In addition, participants can download the Lumina app onto their phones and use the profile to build self-knowledge and enhance their interpersonal performance on a daily basis.


Having a leadership coach to support development is always beneficial. At Think Forward we provide highly skilled and experienced coaches to provide a programme of support via Zoom.

Group Coaching

We provide group coaching sessions via zoom to both in-house teams and individuals and to peers from across business and industry. Sharing knowledge and reflections from different environments not only builds networks but broadens perspectives.

Live Seminars

An exceptional learning and development experience should be all immersive. That’s why we are providing regular access to experts via live seminars. Subjects include project management, resilience and leadership.

Group discussions

We encourage learners from across companies and industries to get involved in live discussions. Being able to ask questions of peers, reflect on learnings and provide support to others is another great way in boosting learning and performance.

Tailor Made Offer

Based on your budget and your development needs we can help create a programme that meets your needs. We have no minimum user so you can assign 1 person or 50, we’ll be happy to accommodate you. We operate a “pick and mix” approach so we will be happy to curate a learning experience that delivers results.

Bespoke Company Experience

Our platform has the functionality to create a platform branded with your company logo and colours. In this section we can include additional company training such as onboarding, health and safety etc. We can also create training just for your business and people. This comes at an additional fee but again, our aim is to maximise the development experience and keep it budget friendly.

We design tailor made packages that suit your budget and your people. Get in touch to discuss your options.