We combine business psychology expertise with coaching and development practice to help you and your business succeed.


People are at the centre of every company. If your staff aren’t happy, your business will suffer. Through our consultancy support we help business owners set direction, address issues surrounding recruitment and retention, manage conflict and negative behaviours, build efficiency and create a positive, thriving business culture.



Through tailored leadership and management development programmes, we help you break down barriers between individuals, raise awareness of individual style and communication preferences, align motivation against business strategy and mutual goals to help your teams reach their potential – hand in hand!



Tailored Executive Coaching, Career Coaching and Mentoring to help you or your colleagues move forward in their careers. With the Lumina tools and our expertise as leadership and career coaches, we’re able to help you explore your personality, maximise your strengths and develop strategies to overcome unhelpful behaviours.


Think Forward Consulting – Introduction by Penny Strutton

Welcome to our website! I’ve recorded a short video to give you an overview of our services. I hope you find it useful – enjoy 🙂


Enjoy a tailor made package of e-learning, online coaching, webinars and online group discussions, designed to boost learning and performance of your people. Accessed from anywhere, 24/7


We love solving problems! As qualified Lumina practitioners, we utilise Lumina’s suite of ground breaking, innovative tools and products to help you take a deep dive into your personality and use this knowledge to accelerate sales, collaboration, increase creativity,  problem solving, and reduce costs.



Become more self-aware, explore your personality and learn how you can relate to others. Coaching at your fingertips.



talkradio2Listen to Penny Strutton discuss Think Forward’s latest research with the Badass Women’s team on Talk radio.

  • "Working with Penny has been one of the best decisions I've made in business. Penny's consultative role as Head of Organisational Development has helped us deliver on a number of key projects around developing our culture, organisation and how our team works together. This has made our entire company more effective, efficient and focused - all game-changing stuff!"

    Adam Roberts - MD, Godine/Godinedigital Managing Director
  • "I would whole heartedly recommend Penny on so many levels. Penny was my Personal Executive Coach and helped me understand, define and gain my next step in my professional life. The sessions were always very positive ( Penny’s positivity and personality are very infectious), quite varied ( looking at all options from many different angles ), very informative ( helped me dig down to what is really important and interesting using different tools and methods ) and very insightful (the Lumina profile is a must and has already helped me gain my next step ! ). From the sessions and the Lumina profile my company (who sponsored the sessions) and I were able to see different options and together we created a new, challenging, exciting position that I accepted immediately. I completed the sessions with a new position and well prepared for future opportunities, thanks to Penny and her skills."

    Paul Race - Plant Manager, Trelleborg Plant Manager - Trelleborg


podcast penny strutton
This week I'm talking to Paul Harrison. Paul is a Director at one of the big four professional services consultancies. He started his career with a degree in psychology but moved directly into the Inland Revenue as a Tax Inspector. He's spent the last couple of decades at the professional services consultancy within the Tax Directorate.
podcast penny strutton
Barry started his career almost 30 years ago in the Military. As a child all he wanted do was fly planes in the RAF and worked hard to achieve his dream. After 15 years, he decided to move on into civilian employment. Although he'd built up a range of valuable skills, the journey to becoming the Chief of Staff and Strategy at one of Britain's leading government outsourced organisation is extraordinary. Barry is about to embark on another exciting transition as he moves into self-employment through a portfolio career - alongside achieving qualifications in mountaineering and Duke of Edinburgh mentoring.
podcast penny strutton
Welcome to the Career Stories Podcast - a place where you can learn more about real life career stories from the field.

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