Using modern tools to improve team and organisational performance

Being in a senior leadership position, I’m sure you’ve attended many team building sessions and used psychometric tools to help your team learn more about each other and how to work more productively together. How many of these sessions have really had an impact on your organisation’s performance?  Our experience has shown that the majority of leaders are committed to supporting their team to develop, but often are let down by the process, tools and lack of expertise to really make an impact

At Penny Strutton Ltd we are passionate about working with organisations large and small and have found our services really make a difference in enhancing performance, boosting team cohesion, motivation and overall productivity. Most importantly, the support we give is long-lasting; the team building session is merely the first step in achieving real self and team awareness, transparent channels of communication, trust and ultimately high performance and profitability; enabling our impact to resonate for months and even years afterwards.

So, you are probably asking yourself, how can these consultants claim that they can make such a big impact? The answer is simple, we are fully trained Lumina Practitioners, in fact we are the only Lumina Practitioners in the East Midlands!

Lumina Learning provides a modern and innovative approach to psychometrics, which values the fluidity of human behaviour and provides a solid framework from which to develop individuals and teams alike.

Lumina Learning goes one step further than traditional Psychometric to provide a holistic picture of human behaviour, based on 24 traits. This means that unlike other tests which label you with specific traits, Lumina embraces the fact that we can exhibit traits even if they’re opposing and have the ability to change our behaviour based on self-awareness and coaching methods. So instead of restraining us through being “put in a box” through Psychometric testing, Lumina enlightens us and provides tools from which to change and develop.

So, with Lumina psychometric tests individuals don’t get pigeonholed, instead they get the opportunity to learn more about themselves and what they could be.  We know that each person will have many facets to their personality, some of these can contradict each other, and also people react to situations in different ways depending on lots of different factors, for example, their environment and their level of experience in a role.

From a team perspective the process of implementing Lumina helps everyone develop a common language, which is easy to understand.  A rich picture of how everyone can work together more effectively and how their roles link in with the organisational goals can be developed with support from Penny Strutton Consultants.

If you are serious about improving performance of your team and organisation please do get in touch with us, by email on or by phone 0115 8800 098 and we will tell you more about how we can support you.