The story behind the Blue Crane

It’s a rewarding experience looking back over the last seven years in business. Starting as a sole practitioner in 2011 it felt right to trade under my name. Nearly 8 years later and as many things do, my business has evolved into something a whole lot more than just “me”. A re-brand was a natural next step.

I needed to think carefully however. When trading under your own name people are buying “you”, they’re looking for the personal experience and know what they’re getting when they commission you. I do pride myself on the personal approach I take with all my clients and I really didn’t want to lose that. Although I now have a team of associates, I’ve recruited them based on shared values and know that each client experience will be a personal and rewarding one. So how could my brand reflect this?

Enter the South African national bird, the Blue Crane. I’ve lived in the UK for 19 years (almost to the day) but I still consider myself South African. Having a bird in my brand was interesting, but making it personal to me allowed me to feel that the piece of me that has developed the business lives on in Think Forward.

The bird isn’t just about “me” however, I fell in love with the concept as it conveys what we as a business hope to achieve for our clients. It takes flight, it moves forward, it faces into head winds and perseveres – only coming down to rest before it takes flight again. We support our clients to do just that – move forward towards achieving their ambition.

Together, the bird and the philosophy behind it gave birth to our new name – Think Forward Consulting.

We hope you love the new branding just as much as we do!

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