Employee Appreciation Day

So it’s Employee Appreciation Day – yes there is a day!


But of course showing appreciation to your employees shouldn’t just focus on one day. Ideally having a clear and committed approach to supporting and appreciating employees will be far more beneficial. Studies have shown that employees are more loyal to companies that show tangible and meaningful appreciation.


So how do you show employee appreciation? Over and above the usual gym memberships, and Christmas parties we have a few ideas for you to consider:


  1. Add your employees to your website

You could consider adding employees who have performed well to your website. Adding employees who are at different levels to your website gives your business a friendlier feel, as opposed to only listing high-level management.


  1. Give a social media shout out

It could be part of your strategy to use use social media to highlight the great work that is being done by your employees. Using social media to show appreciation to your employees has a few benefits. Firstly, your employees will feel valued plus your followers will see that you value your team and that your team is skilled.


  1. Implement a mentoring program

It is likely that some employees will want to progress within your business, but may not have the confidence to go forward. Implementing a mentoring program to guide junior employees and to enable senior employees to improve communication and training skills will also help increase a unification across departments and teams.


  1. Consider achievements outside of work

Your employees will have a range of interests and hobbies outside of work. Find out what they have achieved in their spare time and then acknowledge it. For example, you could commend an employee for their volunteer efforts for a charity.


  1. Conduct a survey

Create a survey to find out the areas that your employees would like to improve in your workplace. You may be surprised by the results, and ensure you implement the winning idea and give your employees a morale boost by showing that their opinions and feedback are important.


  1. Invest in your employees’ development

Find out your how your employees would like to progress in their work and career and give them practical support to help them achieve their goals. Show your employees that you appreciate that they are trying to better themselves through education, by allowing time off for attendance of seminars and events. Encouraging your employees to pursue education will mean you have a better skilled workforce and will be able to promote from within.


7. Internal nominations for success

Make it easy for your staff to show appreciation for each other. Team workers are a lot closer to their colleagues activity and daily success. Give them a mechanism to showcase the positive things colleagues are doing so they come to your attention, as well as everyone else’s attention.


8. Give employees real choice and a real voice.

Appreciation isn’t just a game and reward system. It should be built into your culture. One way to do that is to give your employees real choices and actual voices.

Employee appreciation can be made up of many different elements, some of which can be quite simple, and others more strategic. But fundamentally they need to be part of a wider commitment to supporting employees, to listening to them and encouraging them. Through this you will gain loyal, skilled and supportive colleagues who are their for the business and for each other.


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