Adapt or die. Coaching helps organisations stay alive

Organisations have to continually flex, adapt and embrace change as a constant to survive. This means that the individuals within the business that lead and deliver, have to collectively be able to cope with ambiguity and adopt an attitude to change that builds and cascades momentum, from the top down.

Coping with and embracing change cannot be taught in a classroom. To effectively adopt the right attitude and strategies to manage change, individuals need the time to reflect on their personality, strengths, weaknesses and ability to interact with diverse groups.

In recent years, executive coaching has proved to be one of the most successful techniques in building individual capability, accountability and confidence, helping organisations as a whole scale up and succeed.

Individual coaching can often be seen as a personal luxury. However, when you look at it in the context of change, competitiveness and business survival, executive or leadership coaching is nothing more than business critical. Prioritising time to review and develop better behavioural strategies is something every leader should be doing, and we at Think Forward, can help them do just that.


Core business benefits of executive coaching


Anyone that has the ability to reflect on their behaviour and has a desire to develop can be coached. However, executive coaching is highly productive and beneficial for business owners, MDs, and CEOs as well as senior level management, because it can:


  • Build accountability through personal action plans that are designed by the individual, therefore more achievable and stimulates greater motivation to deliver
  • Builds confidence through exploring themselves, their behaviours and how they interact from different perspectives. This in turn helps build confidence in decision making, increasing their pace and effectiveness
  • Help individuals take a step back and identify solutions that are rational and effective, drawing on their strengths and addressing blind spots.
  • Develop new skills around management, delegation and empowerment, motivation, and interpersonal capabilities that builds high performing teams
  • Improve communication skills that engage and empower individuals. Our use of Lumina Learning is instrumental in this, providing tools that provide insight and methods for being inclusive in communications.
  • Deliver measurable results that can lead to organisational and professional shifts. From driving a shift in organisational culture, to a change in professional growth and opportunities.


The Think Forward approach


Not only do we utilise our experience as business psychologists and executive coaches to work closely with a business and individuals to provide focused and bespoke solutions for performance enhancement and individual growth, we also ensure we use market-leading tools to aid our coaching activity – the Lumina Learning psychometric suite.

We use Lumina psychometric suite for a number of reasons. Firstly, it reflects our ethos of providing a flexible, personal and results-orientated solution, and secondly it values diversity of personality by applying next-generation tools which can be used specifically for leadership development, talent management, performance development and emotional agility.

We work with executives from all industries encouraging them to explore their professional goals and identify development strategies to achieve them.

Offering executive coaching is a business strategy that will enable your organization to gain and maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace.  Investing in your talent’s growth and future is ultimately the most rewarding experience for the individual and the organisation.


What our clients have to say…


“I would whole heartedly recommend Penny on so many levels. Penny was my Personal Executive Coach and helped me understand, define and gain my next step in my professional life.

The sessions were always very positive (Penny’s positivity and personality are very infectious), quite varied, very informative (helped me dig down to what is really important and interesting using different tools and methods) and very insightful (the Lumina profile is a must and has already helped me gain my next step).

From the sessions and the Lumina profile my company (who sponsored the sessions) and I were able to see different options and together we created a new, challenging, exciting position that I accepted immediately.”

Paul Race – Head of Digital Transformation.


“Penny is a highly personable and professional coach. Her positive outlook and unwavering support, coupled with her deep understanding of the challenges that often go hand in hand with personal development, make her very easy to work with. She adopts a wide range of approaches to develop a clear view of core values, motivations and personal goals which she then uses to formulate structured and realistic action plans to support achievement of those goals. I would happily work with Penny again and have no hesitation in recommending her.”

Claire Beasley – Project & Change Delivery Professional.


Get in touch with Penny at Think Forward to find out how executive coaching can benefit you and your business – call 0115 880 0098.