MR – Operations Manager (Higher Education now Third Sector)

After a challenging period at work I found myself demotivated, disorientated and lacking confidence.  I wanted to move on and was applying for any relevant roles that I came across, but without really thinking about my longer term career aspirations.

Working with Penny gave me a sense that I was taking back control.  The structured process helped me to refocus my plans and identify the aspects of work that were important to me.  We completely overhauled my CV and linked in profile and I began presenting difficult experiences in a much more positive way.

When roles were advertised that I was interested in applying for Penny helped me evaluate the opportunities objectively and provided invaluable input into my applications.  Her interview coaching really helped me prepare for competency based interviews, something I had really struggled with in the past.

The good news is – I’ve just received a great job offer, and I don’t think I’d be in this position without Penny’s support and advice.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend career coaching and Penny in particular.