The HR Coach

We wrote recently about the challenge HR professionals face in transitioning to a new era of people and organisational development. Although change is something HR professionals should be fairly comfortable with, it can be difficult to identify and implement change on a personal basis.

HR professionals are being encouraged to take up the strategic reins, to challenge the status quo, to pioneer and embed change, install solutions that retain and develop a high performing workforce, plus implement the mechanisms to ensure the organisation is perceived as an employer of choice.

But to transform HR, individuals need to actively transform themselves; and this can be difficult, especially on a tight training budget and minimal access to mentors and critical friends. However, without personal development, many isolated HR managers and directors will battle to reach their potential and as a result, the organisation will suffer as will their self-confidence and morale.

We recognise that all too often development opportunities are procured for the wider organisation without sufficient support provided for the very people who are critical to organisational productivity. We are proud to address this gap through providing cost effective and bespoke executive coaching programmes for HR professionals. We understand the industry and are aware of the challenges and it is because of this that we are able to support HR professionals test their own boundaries in a safe environment.

Our approach is client led. We will work with you to identify a series of themes which form the foundation of a coaching programme. We’ll focus on specific skills that will help achieve change such as your ability to engage, influence and persuade decision makers. But we are not driven by the programme and always ensure the sessions are centred around current challenges as well as your goals on a medium and long term basis.

Only yesterday we received this testimonial from Tamara Pattman- Wilson Head of HR from IKANO Bank. Penny is thoroughly enjoying working with Tamara and already Tamara is claiming a positive impact:

“I have worked with Penny since 2015 as an executive business coach and have found all our sessions together to be excellent! Penny’s approach to coaching is not just about the professional side of things, she takes all of my life goals into account in helping me to make the best decisions and adopt the right approaches for my professional and personal life.

Penny has enabled me to focus on building relationships, assessing what impact and outcomes I provide, as well as challenging me to consider alternative options in my business environment. Her extensive experience with HR professionals – the way we think, the way we operate and her ability to think outside the box, all raise my level of thinking about issues in every session.

I thoroughly recommend Penny to anyone who requires executive coaching”

Thank you Tamara! If you are an HR professional and want to fine-tune your skills to take HR to a new level in your organisation, we will be delighted to hear from you. Get in touch or visit to find out more.