Susanne Franca, Psychologist 

Struggling as a clinical psychologist in a country still highly affected by economic recession, working in a company that was slowly facing bankruptcy, and being a mother of a 5 year old boy, I was in desperate need of a professional plan and a radical shift in my career. So I decided to get a job in the UK to progress my career and provide a stable education for my son. Soon I was facing a bureaucratic process that was soul wrecking alongside the pessimist views of friends and family. I had no contacts, no network, I didn’t even know how to search for a job in the UK, let alone apply for one. I came across Penny´s site and I instantly felt she could be my coach and my connection with the UK job market. Penny´s pragmatic, joyful and honest approach was the breath of fresh air I so much longed for. The most striking thing about Penny? Her genuine passion, commitment, professionalism and confidence. She always had a friendly word, a smile and a positive solution to every obstacle (and there were plenty!!!). And guess what? Six months later, against all odds, I did get the job I so much had aimed for, and live now in England with my family. Thank you Penny