Intensive Career Change Retreat

Go away to relax and get perspective – come home with a career plan and control over your future

The pressure to work harder and faster is forever growing and too many people are in a job where they feel dissatisfied and unfulfilled but with little time to do anything about it. Too much time at work and not enough with the family; activities at work that are boring or rub against your value set; or relentless nights of burning the midnight oil that will end in personal burnout.

There are many reasons for unhappiness at work and sometimes it can feel impossible to do anything about it, or even believe there are other options available.


The good news is there are options and alternative career paths where you can find meaning and fulfilment and get your work life balance and wellbeing in order.

At Think Forward consulting we’ve helped 100’s of professionals make significant change and are now offering opportunities for people like you to get off the treadmill and spend 3 intensive days in a beautiful location focusing on you and your options.


Taking time to focus on you needs to be maximised to the fullest, that’s why we are combining a specialist career coaching programme with yoga, mindfulness and relaxation as well as good Spanish food and wine!

If you’re desperate for a way out, this 3 day intensive programme is exactly what you need to take control of your career and your future.

Based in the Pyrenees mountains we are providing career coaching delivered by transition specialists, business psychologists and executive coaches to help you rediscover what’s important to you, your capabilities and career options, then return home with a well defined career plan.


Eddie was a head pharmacist at a high street pharmacist but had lost motivation for the role and nature of work. In his spare time, Eddie was board member for a couple of local charities where he played a pivotal role in the strategic development of the organisations. After signing up for the Think Forward coaching programme Eddie completed a number of exercises and realised he wanted to deploy his strategic development skills in his day job. Through networking and research he was offered a role at an online pharmacy, heading up the business development. Allowing Eddie to continue to provide his pharmacist expertise coupled with having a central role in the business development fulfilled Eddie’s interests and provided motivation for this next step in his career.


Career Visioning Using a series of techniques, we will help you identify the future you’re looking for. This forms the foundation of your career plan. Over the three days we will review and develop this career vision and build a plan to help you achieve it.

Psychometric profile We use Lumina Spark to help you understand your personality preferences and your blind spots, then work with you individually to match you to a job type. This can highlight why you might be unhappy at work currently, plus help you identify hidden potential.

Self-awareness The aim of the programme is to reconnect you with your strengths, interests and values. Using a variety of exercises you will spend time over the three days focusing on you, identifying your constraints and compromise points and narrowing down the job components you’re looking to include in your new career.

Research Once you’ve built your self awareness, you’ll spend some time looking at the market place to build your knowledge about the different career options you’re considering. You’ll start the process of gathering insight from family and friends regarding your strengths and achievements and start to look at your network to identify who can support you in the process.

Self employment If self-employment is something you’re considering, you will complete a “readiness for self-employment” diagnostic and work with your coach to understand whether this is an option to progress .

Coaching Over the three day you’ll have a two 1-1 coaching sessions to discuss your thoughts and progress. Group coaching shall occur throughout the three days, helping you move forward alongside others with the same objectives.

Career plan To conclude the intensive programme, you will spend time putting together your career plan to work on once you return home.

Following the summit, you will have 2 further coaching sessions via phone/skype to support you in the implementation of your plan.


The retreat takes place at Casa Guilla (Fox House), a beautiful boutique country house. Renovated to provide pure luxury, the venue provides a space where you can get away, get perspective and relax above the clouds. Nestled in the foothills of the Spanish Pyrenees, the scenery the luxurious interiors and five star facilities is the perfect spot to review your career and take control of your future


Dining We will provide wholesome Spanish food and wine in the plenty! Vegetarian and vegan options available.

Relaxation We’ve teamed up with a yoga and mindfulness specialist to work with you in the morning and evening. Clearing your mind and awakening your body is a critical component in the process of self-reflection and development.

Transport We will arrange transfers from Barcelona airport to the retreat and back again.

Down-time OBeing on top of the world with the facilities of a pool and gym, you are encouraged to take time out to relax and unwind either on your own or with other members of the group. You won’t be held to a strict timetable, but given options whilst you’re visiting.

Visiting the area On the final day, we will take you to a local vineyard where you can sample the wine, walk to the ancient castle on the hill and visit the site where dinosaurs walked millions of years before!


James had worked as a solicitor for several years before leaving his role due to burnout. He signed up to the Think Forward Career coaching programme with Penny Strutton to help him identify how he could change his career. He knew he had fallen out of love with fee earning but wanted to find a role where he could still utilise his legal expertise. Through a series of coaching sessions and exercises, James realised that where he gained the most satisfaction was through leading and developing his team. Helping others grow and be successful was a key value and stimulated his motivation. With this knowledge, James started to research different roles and organisations, reaching out to other professionals for conversations and introductions. James finally found a role as a regional manager in a law firm, where his role was to manage and develop the local teams. This proved to be a great opportunity, combining his legal experience with his love for managing and developing people.


1st – 4th May 2020
3rd – 6th July 2020
2nd – 5th October 2020


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