Looking for a Career Change Buddy?

When the yearning to be something different, do something different and achieve more becomes unbearable making the decision to change career can be the most significant step forward out of a mundane and miserable situation.

Unfortunately too many people get flummoxed by the magnitude of the task; daunted by the sheer volume of potential roles and opportunities out there with little understanding of what it actually is they enjoy doing, what they’re good at and how they could transfer into something different.

I’ve worked with throngs of clients desperate to change but exhausted by time misspent on the net with no success to show for it.

Changing career is a daunting task to most of us. I’ve been through it myself and making the decision to pursue one career over another seems like a real gamble. However, it needn’t be so risky and such a lonely activity. Unfortunately when people approach job seeking and career change they do so by themselves and in isolation. We know that best results come from combined thinking, in a team but for most looking for change this isn’t an option.

In my career coaching service, I operate as your career change buddy. With my experience of taking many people through significant change I have a successful formula that works, that can be applied to anyone no matter what stage they’re at in their career. Part of that formula is to be on hand, providing support, challenge, direction and advice on everything from market research, CV’s, job applications to interviews. Career change becomes a project like any other  you undertake and we approach it systematically, creatively and as a team.

Everyone has different expectations and requirements and that is why each programme is tailored to suit. However, the process will include:

  • personal review – providing insight into you, your values, skills, achievements and personality
  • Networking and market research strategy
  • Support in speculative letters and research interviews
  • Professional CV & Linked in profile
  • Confidence building
  • support in writing applications
  • interview skills
  • informal access to my network and personal introductions
  • indefinite access to the online career coaching programme

If you are in a rut and need to make a change, get in touch for a discussion on how career coaching can work for you penny@pennystrutton.co.uk

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