Graham Hind , Owner , Onsite Retail Implementation

After 30+ years of continuous employment it was a bit of a shock for me to be made redundant in March 2014. With 5 months of job searching behind me I was very disillusioned  and morale was starting to take a dip. At this point I realized that I needed to take ownership of the challenges a head of me so I decided to seek out  career guidance to help me relaunch my career at  the age of 48!!. Penny was the third coach I contacted but 1st for listening to me and giving me a clear structure to help me move on. Over the coming months Penny  helped me with numerous tasks and exercises. This support included the updating of my CV and rewriting of my Linkedin profile, personal review, identifying my strengths and on time management and work/life balance, identification of constraints and a development of  a career vision for the next ten years. In addition to the above Penny has sent me a number of internet articles that I have always found relevant and interesting. Penny has revisited numerous subjects with me as I have got to know myself and my aspirations better. This has always been approached with patience, understanding and skill for which I am very grateful. To finish I am very happy to recommend Penny to you and I am no doubt that you will personally benefit as much as I have.  Penny Strutton provides a service that’s worth paying for!!.     Best wishes for your future.