Don’t feel lonely: HR Professionals

Over the past year I have been developing the HR Coach service, have a look at our blog ‘The HR Coach’ which explains the approach we take.

As an HR Professional do you find yourself isolated from fellow professionals, with no one in-house to turn to for support, advice and development?  You may be seen as the ‘go-to’ person within your company. Everybody from the Managing Director to apprentice will come to you when there is an HR issue or they want support to develop themselves or their teams.

But what about you, who do you, talk to? How do you embrace a challenge and improve your performance – making sure you don’t stagnate or get pigeon holed into a transactional HR role?

There was an interesting article in Forbes which described the key challenges for HR professionals in 2016, it spoke about being able to deal with issues such as reputation management and harnessing learning and knowledge management within the leadership teams. To face these sorts of challenges you need to be able to step into a much more strategic role and be recognised by the Executive Team for having the skills to deal with not only challenges that face the organisation now but take a conceptual view of what is to come.

This is where the HR Coach can come into play for you.  Our coaching programme specifically targets and develops  skills required to make this transition – influencing, assertiveness and negotiation to name just a few.  It’s not just about challenging yourself to change, it is also about developing the ability to influence the executive team and board into accepting HR as a strategic and influential part of the business!

As an HR professional that is used to helping others it would benefit you to take time out and look at your own personal development. Although you may be a trained coach and support others within your company, you may find that having an independent coach that can be a confidential sounding board can make a huge impact on you, your current role and your next career move.

Working with someone that has operated in a senior leadership position and truly understands the pressures of the HR function will help you step outside your comfort zone, challenge you in a safe environment and ensure  you show your company that HR can make an impact at every level. To succeed the company needs your leadership to achieve all its goals.

Think about yourself as you start making plans for financial investment for the year ahead. Make yourself the promise that in 2016/17 you will put your personal development at the top of your list of priorities. You will find this investment will have a knock on affect on all parts of the company so it is well worth doing. If you come to Penny Strutton Ltd and use our HR Coach service this is how you will benefit:

  • Help bridge the gap between HR and business strategy.
  • Develop skills to influence, lead and embed change.
  • Develop confidence and purpose for the wider HR function.
  • Plus develop skills to progress in your career.

We are passionate about helping HR professional’s transition into driving business strategy, productivity and profitability. So stop feeling lonely and speak to us about our coaching programme, which will support you on a personal level and help you to gain influence within the company. Contact me at or call 0115 880 0098.