An experts view on Lumina Learning

The East Midlands HR Network arranges a wide range of events for HR

Professionals. These help them keep up to date with developments in HR and an opportunity to share experiences. In April we were pleased to welcome Nikita Mikhailov, business psychologist from Lumina Learning who ran an interactive workshop that everyone found extremely useful. To get more insight into Lumina we interviewed Nikita to get an experts view on the benefits of Lumina.

  1. What is your role at Lumina Learning?

I am the Consultant Psychologist. I am involved in a variety of interesting tasks; I have actively participated in the design of our instruments and App that are now used by many. I also deliver custom workshops based around our individualized psychometric profile tools.

  1. What is Lumina Learning?

I like to describe it as ‘a disruptively innovating agent in the Psychometric Industry’. We have created a user centric, dynamic and interactive psychometric instrument. This is based on a model that embraces and champions our individuality.

  1. What does Lumina aim to achieve?

To bring more self-awareness, acceptance and insight in to the world through the use of innovative psychometrics.

  1. What makes Lumina Special?

We are exploring latest techniques and methodology to move away from something that boxes people in, to what will help them understand themselves and others, inspiring them to be the best they can be. We also work actively on integrating the latest technology. Our App allows a dynamic representation of personality and for users to explore their personality and see how they relate to others.

  1. What sort of organisational issues has Lumina been used to address?

Before I started using Lumina Spark, I always had an issue with picking the right instrument for the job, as I had to pick a different one for selection, individual development, team development etc. With Lumina Spark you can use one tool across different settings, this is achieved through high-level customization of the portraits. You can make concise reports for team sessions or generate deep dive 60-page reports for one to one coaching.

  1. What type of organisations have benefited from Lumina?

We will soon surpass 2000 qualified practitioners that use Lumina Spark.  I know of practitioners that bring value with Spark to C-Suite of multi-nationals, through to smaller companies and schools. It has been used in selection process for CEO’s through to team builds of graduates.  All these speak to the versatility of the instrument after all it is a measure of something that we all have that is a personality.

  1. What are you most proud of in your role?

The laughter and joy that self-acceptance brings.

  1. What is your next big project?

Using Psychometrics for purposes that they have never used before.

  1. Where do you see Lumina in 5 years time?


  1. How can people get involved?

If you are interested in getting involved then get in touch!

We hope this has helped give some more insight into Lumina. Thank you so much to Nikita for taking part in this interview. As qualified Lumina Learning Practitioners we have had first hand experience in the benefits of using Lumina in a wide range of businesses. If you would like to find out more please do get in touch with Penny directly by email or ring 0115 880 0098.