Framework – Service Development Programme

Case study: Framework – Service Development Programme


32 Bentinck Road Care home for the elderly

Framework  supports homeless and vulnerable people throughout a number of East Midlands Counties. The organisation operates a number of services designed to help different social challenges such as drugs and alcohol abuse. One service in particular is rather unique, in that only one other service exists like it across the UK. This is 32 Bentinck Road which is a care home for elderly people that still have a dependence on alcohol. As a result of a service review, PS Ltd. were invited to deliver a series of initiatives which would bolster team cohesion, strengthen the service identity both internally and externally amongst wider Framework services and beyond, and work with the management team to put in place a strategy for the future.

What we did

  • One of the objectives was to create the service’s Philosophy of Care. PS Ltd. approached this through conducting extensive consultation with both the day and night staff, the service users and external providers.  We conducted a values and culture review and identified a series of behaviours and attitudes which defined the care and passion that made the service what it was!
  • Following the consultation PS Ltd wrote the philosophy of care and built it into a wider promotional document called “our story”. From this a service leaflet was printed and a series of posters that captured the culture and values were printed and displayed throughout the home.
  • During the process, Penny Strutton provided coaching to the service manager on service development.


Feedback from the team at 32 Bentinck was fantastic in that staff felt re-energised and engaged as a result of the activities. The team felt proud and passionate about what they did and the challenges they overcame on a daily basis. The service now has a more significant profile amongst wider Framework services and beyond.

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